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"When I first attended the Sydney Bar night I was really nervous. But everyone welcomed me and I quickly felt as part of the community."

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Welcome to the InterNations Expats Forum for Australia!

Hello, and a warm welcome to the InterNations Australia expats forum! As a current or soon-to-be expat in Canberra, or any other of the Australian expat hotspots like Sydney, you will doubtlessly have numerous questions about expat life. Become a member of our InterNations community in Australia and find reliable tips on the successive stages of the relocation process. No matter if you’re enquiring about visa or immigration documents at the Australian embassy, looking for expat housing in Melbourne, or would like to see the Australian attractions, like Uluru National Park – who knows more about such things than other expats? Our expat forums for Australia can connect you with local expat circles.

Latest Posts in Australia Expat Forum

 Australia Expat Q&A

Re: Recommended suburbs in Melbourne


Re: Best way for International Money Transfer?

Hi Try TransferWise.com : I've just discovered it and it worked perfectly. Give your feedback ...

pet importation from China

Hi Everyone - Hope you can help/advise. We have a possible move to Australia mid 2015 and have 2 c...

 Australia Town Talk

Re: Hey guys!

Hi Sanjeev, Welcome! I moved here in November 2014 from USA. Feel free to contact me for any sort ...

Re: Xmas break in Melbourne

Im in too

Re: New Year's Eve 2014-2015

A friend and I are also interested to know if any events will be held by internations... we have ju...

 Australia Expat Housing

House (2 BR) to sub-rent from Dec 26th to Jan 9th

Hi all, We had booked this furnished house for 6 weeks, the time for us (family of 4) to find ou...

Re: Brunswick, Fitzroy, Carlton

Hi all, I am also looking for 1 bedroom apartment near University of Melbourne. The accomadation o...

Re: Rent a room in Adealide

Hi Farimah, Welcome to Adelaide.......I know there is room available and how much you can afford...

 Australia Expat Jobs


Looking for a drummer, keyboard player and a guitarist ( Most be able to play Reggae, Blues, Soul, ...

If you need a photographer or a videographer...

Hi everyone! I am Diana and I am new in Melbourne. But...I have lots of years of experience in phot...

Civil Engineer in Sydney?

Hi there people We are living at the moment in Switzerland and our family misses the sun and the...

 Australia Expat Marketplace

Re: Everything must go

Hi there! Do you still have any German books/Dvds? Thanks - Diana

Re: Moving and in need of household items

Do you want an air mattress or a room to put it? You can buy very cheap air mattresses from kmart....

Re: Tax in Australia

Recommend Tony extremely highly. Cant get better especially if your an expat with tax issues involv...

Members assist Members in the Australia Expat Forums

Our trust-based community was developed to help expatriates in Australia swap suggestions and advice on all expat-relevant enquiries, e.g., ʺWill I need special dermatological care for the Australian climate?ʺ or ʺWhat is the general Australian attitude towards non-Anglophone foreigners?ʺ. In a community that’s all about expat living in Australia, from vegemite to Australia Day, the participants of the expat forum Australia can find fellow expats and internationally minded locals to receive trustworthy and up-to-date responses. On the InterNations Expat Forum for Australia, there will always be another expat member to make life abroad easier.

From health care to Australian mentality: The Expat Forum Australia leaves no Question unanswered

If you require even more information on expat topics like housing and household in Canberra or sports and leisure in Sydney, you could also browse our Australia Expat Guide, another useful resource in addition to the expat forums. Moreover, in our World Forum you can talk about international politics, conflict management in an international workplace, the most common issues faced by expats and other general expat issues. However, for expat assistance on all local matters - from health care to Australian mentality - just join the InterNations Australia expat forums.

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