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Friedrich Schloßberg

Living in Brunei, from Germany

"I really love to discover new cultures, especially here in Brunei. Sometimes it is great, however, to mingle with the international community."

Eva Naumann

Living in Brunei, from Austria

"It was great to meet some other people from Austria here in Brunei through InterNations. It feels a little bit like home."

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Selamat datang and welcome to the Brunei Expat Forums!

The InterNations Brunei expats forum welcomes you! By becoming a member of our InterNations community in Brunei, you will easily have access to all the information that you require when relocating. From residence permit requirements or immigration documents at the Bruneian consulate, the best transportation options to Muara or Seria or tips about taking a trip to the mountainous eastern part of Temburong – who can better help you than your fellow expatriates? By making full use of the expat forums for Brunei, you can get in touch with other global minds.

Latest Posts in Brunei Expat Forum

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Hi everyone! My name is Stephanie and I would like to move to Wellington in South-Africa. I've ...

Re: What 5 tips would you give to a future expat?

Hi Aaron, Here go my 5 tips: 1. Accept that the destination is different from the origin, so rath...

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Hi Anca, You ask a couple questions about work life balance 13 years after the move to Sweden....

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far away

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Hi Ravi, Here is another clue - a shovel is more useful than a pencil in understanding what ...

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Agreed, Henna, a male who can understand the depth of life, away from the superficiality, and be st...

 Brunei Expat Marketplace

Re: Online Sales-Marketing JOB

Hi Luis, You can contact me on: karinapelle@gmail.com Cheers, Karina

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,,,Your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you han...

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There are two ways about it in general. If it is a sealed lead-acid battery then you may get a cash...

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Whether you are an expat newcomer or already veteran in Brunei, you’ll undoubtedly have plenty of questions about the life in Brunei, starting from ʺWhich outdoor activities are your favourites?ʺ to questions about climate.

Our private community offers expats in Brunei a place to share tips, and find answers to all possible expat questions. Our expat forum Brunei is open to Brunei-based expatriates from all around the world, whether you are Russian, Dutch or Finnish.

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Members taking part in the expat forum Brunei enjoy a platform to connect with other expats as well as internationally-minded Bruneian people to receive reliable advice. With the InterNations expat forum for Brunei, you may always have a fellow expat to help overcome any issues that you may come across while living overseas.

Do you require further information on expat issues like special food stores or social clubs for expats in town? Then you should also take a look at our Brunei Expat Guide, which is one of the many useful resources that we offer next to the expat forums. But for support on all issues with regard to the local expat life, such as ʺIs the Brunei weather actually that humid?ʺ, benefit from the Brunei expat forums.

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