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Working in Copenhagen?

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Copenhagen at a Glance

Working in Copenhagen

On InterNations, you can find information on different aspects of working in Copenhagen, like the job search, important sectors, and work permits. Copenhagen is the right choice for expats as it has a lot to offer: a high quality of life and a great location at the heart of Northern Europe.

There are a lot of factors in favor of working in Copenhagen: the abundance of opportunities, the flexible working environment, and the beneficial location within Northern Europe, to name a few. The Danish capital has become increasingly popular among expats in recent years, not to mention the number of Danes migrating to the big city each year.

An Ideal Business Location

As mentioned above, Copenhagen is an attractive business location for international companies and expats working in Copenhagen. First of all, the Øresund region is well-known for providing an excellent economic infrastructure, with its airports, harbors as well as its connection to road networks and railways. The Øresund Bridge, which was completed in 2000, added a new and convenient connection between Denmark and its neighbor Sweden.

However, the fact that any destination within Northern Europe can easily be reached is not the only argument in favor of working in Copenhagen. The location benefits from a flexible labor force, dedicated to hard work and a healthy life-work balance. At the same time, the majority of Copenhagen’s population speaks English fluently, making working in Copenhagen easier for expats.

Copenhagen’s Main Sectors

The most important sectors for people working in Copenhagen are the life sciences, information and communication technologies, clean tech, as well as the creative and entertainment industry. Expats have a high chance of being hired in one of these sectors.

Life Science and Clean Tech

With Medicon Valley, Denmark offers many opportunities to locals and expats working in Copenhagen’s life science sector. Medicon Valley is a bi-national center for life science, located partly on Zealand, centering in Copenhagen and Sweden’s Skåne Region. This is where international investors in the field of life science settle. After all, the area counts as one of Europe’s strongest life science locations.

Expats who plan on working in Copenhagen’s life science sector have come to just the right place. The interaction between hospitals, universities, specialized services providers, and businesses are just some of the things which make for a high class working environment. The therapeutic areas of neuroscience, cancer, diabetes and metabolic diseases, infectious diseases as well as inflammation, allergy and autoimmune diseases are particularly strong here.

Many clean-tech companies have decided to locate their company branch in Copenhagen. In terms of research and development, Copenhagen cannot be beat. Within the upcoming years, it aspires to become the first CO2-neutral capital in the world.

The ICT Sector

Copenhagen is leading in terms of information and communication technologies. The skilled, innovative workforce is just one of the aspects which make Copenhagen’s ICT industry one of the most innovative in Europe. Finding work in this sector may prove easy for many expats. After all, Copenhagen is an attractive location for international companies which may not hesitate to transfer some of their employees abroad.

Denmark’s largest IT cluster, as it happens, is located in Greater Copenhagen, providing work for over 100,000 ICT professionals. The cluster offers a tight cooperation with Skåne and the Øresund IT Academy. Many international companies such as Microsoft, IBM, and Cisco have settled in the Greater Copenhagen Area.

Creative and Entertainment Industry

The entire Øresund Region is looking back on a long tradition of movie making and moving images. Carl Theodor Dreyer, Bille August, and Lars von Trier are not the only directors who made the region popular. Today, over 70 production companies offer jobs to expats thinking about working in Copenhagen. Another branch of this sector is the up-and-coming video gaming industry. More and more computer developers settle in Copenhagen, representing a new branch of the entertainment industry. High technology and innovation combine to make Copenhagen an attractive location.

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