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Living in Geneva, from Canada

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Living in Geneva, from USA

"InterNations and the amazing events around here helped me get my bearings in an expat hotspot like Geneva. "

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Grüezi, salut, buongiorno, bainvegni and welcome to the Geneva Expat Forums!

The InterNations Geneva expats forum welcomes you! By becoming a member of our InterNations community in Geneva, you will easily have access to all the information that you require when relocating. From residence permit requirements or immigration documents at the Swiss consulate, the best transportation options to Geneva or Bern or tips about taking a trip to the mountain resort of Zermatt – who can better help you than your fellow expatriates? By making full use of the expat forums for Geneva, you can get in touch with other global minds.

Latest Posts in Geneva Expat Forum

 Geneva Expat Q&A

Re: is it safe to live and work in Jakarta?

Thank you all your precious time and providing valuable feedback.

Re: Form a freelance/Self employed company in EU

I think wherever you want to work, you will need to be a resident, have a bank account and - the mo...

Re: Moving to the US - Visa Question

Hi Melina Thank you, I will try to either have her get in touch with the embassy or do it myself...

 Geneva Town Talk

Re: Platform to speak up to express true feeling.

Let's have a sugary Zuccero night tonight. http://youtu.be/uusBX3pptXY ...

Re: New Game - "Either or"...

both ( first pool and after jacuzzi ) dog or cat?

Re: The Question Game

My freaking allergies ha! Any favorite museum?

 Geneva Expat Marketplace

Re: would you like to work on line and travel?

Hi! I sent you an email, let me know if you got it. Thank you.

Re: Project Assisstant in Iraq

Hi Asif. Sorry this position is no more available. Thanks for your asking. Regards, Nhung

Re: What is your business?

Hello , I am a shop owner in İstanbul. We make made to mesure shirts Bespoke tailoring suits and...

Members exchange their tips in the Geneva Expat Forums

Whether you are an expat newcomer or already veteran in Geneva, you’ll undoubtedly have plenty of questions about the life in Switzerland, starting from ʺIs the expat life in Zurich easy to manage for international people with disabilities?ʺ to questions about health care.

Our private community offers expats in Geneva a place to share tips, and find answers to all possible expat questions. Our expat forum Geneva is open to Switzerland-based expatriates from all around the world, whether you are Greek, American or Chinese.

The Expat Forum Geneva – a Place for mutual Support

Members taking part in the expat forum Geneva enjoy a platform to connect with other expats as well as internationally-minded Swiss people to receive reliable advice. With the InterNations expat forum for Geneva, you may always have a fellow expat to help overcome any issues that you may come across while living overseas.

Do you require further information on expat issues like nannies and baby-sitters or special food stores in town? Then you should also take a look at our Geneva Expat Guide, which is one of the many useful resources that we offer next to the expat forums. But for support on all issues with regard to the local expat life, such as ʺHow does the Swiss health-care system work?ʺ, benefit from the Geneva expat forums.

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