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Welcome to the InterNations Expats Forum for Kuwait!

As-salām 'alaykum, and a warm welcome to the InterNations Kuwait expats forum! As a current or soon-to-be expat in Kuwait City, or any other of the Kuwaiti expat hotspots like Jahrah, you will doubtlessly have numerous questions about expat life. Become a member of our InterNations community in Kuwait and find reliable tips on the successive stages of the relocation process. No matter if you’re enquiring about visa or immigration documents at the Kuwaiti embassy, looking for expat housing in Kawalli, or would like to see the Kuwaiti attractions, like Failaka Island and powerboating sea clubs – who knows more about such things than other expats? Our expat forums for Kuwait can connect you with local expat circles.

Latest Posts in Kuwait Expat Forum

 Kuwait Expat Q&A

looking for transportation service

Hello all, Today is my third day in Kuwait and i was wondering if anyone can guide me to a trans...

Burn's night

Anything going on for Burn's night?

Re: Advice on areas to live...Go!

Anytime Kerenza. Have a fab time !

 Kuwait Town Talk

Re: Saturday the 7th of Feb. Shesha and lunch

Hi Tanishia I will try to attend. Sheri

Re: Kitesurfing

dmboarding.com offers rentals for paddle boarding and kitesurfing classes but it's expensive! Paid ...

Portuguese Language Practice Partner

Boa tarde! Do you speak Portuguese? My heritage is Portuguese and I grew up with family members ...

 Kuwait Expat Housing

Re: 2/3 bed apartment - near the beach

Hi Erick, This place looks nice, may I know the rent please? Thanks. Cheers, Sohaib

Re: Temporary Accommodation in Central Kuwait

welcome dear Sohaib , I will try to find courier to help you. again welcome in Kuwait. Yass...

Re: Room Availble - flat share with 2 british expats

Hi , I sent you a message in this regard , but still no reply or comment ..However I wish you HAPPY...

 Kuwait Expat Jobs

Re: Still urgently looking for a job.

Thank you Kareem

Re: Looking for a Photographer

@pixiesphoto Besma - +965 9409 9144 The best in town....

Looking for job

Hi everyone, I am looking to find a job as software engineer, is there anyone here who can guide ...

 Kuwait Expat Marketplace

Re: MBA (Master of business administration)

hi doaa there are 3 places that provide MBA here in kuwait: The american university of middle eas...

Collage Art / Modernist

Hello I am a Collage Artist that has just moved to Kuwait. Take a look at my website to get a bett...

Re: Get FIT with YOGA ! Classes for Men and Women

Hi Deborah, I tried to access the link but it seems to not be working. Could you please get in t...

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Our trust-based community was developed to help expatriates in Kuwait swap suggestions and advice on all expat-relevant enquiries, e.g., ʺIs Kuwait a "dry" country? And are there also public non-smoking laws?ʺ or ʺWhat do I have to take into consideration when it comes to utilities and electrical appliances?ʺ. In a community that’s all about expat living in Kuwait, from majboos to Hala February, the participants of the expat forum Kuwait can find fellow expats and internationally minded locals to receive trustworthy and up-to-date responses. On the InterNations Expat Forum for Kuwait, there will always be another expat member to make life abroad easier.

From cultural etiquette to housing and utilities: The Expat Forum Kuwait leaves no Question unanswered

If you require even more information on expat topics like food and shopping in Kuwait City or administration and finance in Jahrah, you could also browse our Kuwait Expat Guide, another useful resource in addition to the expat forums. Moreover, in our World Forum you can talk about international politics, dealing with homesickness, culture shock and other general expat issues. However, for expat assistance on all local matters - from cultural etiquette to housing and utilities - just join the InterNations Kuwait expat forums.

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