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Ẹ n lẹ, hello, ilo la, lafia lau,, and welcome to the InterNations Nigeria expats forum! Whether you’re an expat newbie or veteran in Abuja, or one of the many Nigerian expat centers like Lagos, you’ll certainly have many questions about life as an expat. Simply join our InterNations community in Nigeria to easily have all of the information that you may need about relocation at the tips of your fingers. Whether you’re looking for work permit requirements or visa documents at the Nigerian embassy, finding a place to live in Kano, or are interested in visiting a few major Nigerian landmarks, like the Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove, dedicated to the river goddess Oshun – who can better help you than your fellow expats? Through the expat forums for Nigeria, you can easily be connected with other expats.

Latest Posts in Nigeria Expat Forum

 Nigeria Expat Q&A

Re: Gym's in Abuja

Ok,I am startin from today,always there from 7 pm :)

Re: How Does a Driver Work?

Can anyone add to this what the average cost of a private driver would be in naira, per month? Car ...

Re: arriving in Lagos

Hello, I am new in LAGOS. I am looking for job in LAGOS (IT and management). Wondering if t...

 Nigeria Town Talk

Re: Oktober fest

All, Please check out the event page, as an Oktober Fest has been organised coming Saturday 4th...

Re: Cocktails after work

I'm in

Re: Where is the sun in Lagos?!

Sure we will!

 Nigeria Expat Housing

Exquisite 2-3 Bedroom Apartment in Abuja

Exquisite 2-3 Bedroom Apartments with amenities such as Swimming Pool,Gym,Designated Parking,Concie...


Expat Serviced Accommodation life Camp 4 bedroom Duplex with BQ ( 2 units available in a secured co...

2bedroom available at 1004, Victoria Island

Hello, we have 2bedroom available at 1004 Victoria Island for lease. 247 power supply 247 securit...

 Nigeria Expat Jobs

Re: Job Opportunity in LAGOS, Commercial Administrator

What do you think about this job position?

Re: Job search in LAGOS

There are many multinationals in Lagos. I presume IT is limited except for SAP and Huawei. But keep...

Re: Prenatal and Lactation Counseling and Education

Hi, I am a US trained nurse and work for an HMO here. We should partner up.

 Nigeria Expat Marketplace

Re: Items for sale after 10th October

Fridge and microwave sold!!

Re: BBQ/Grill

Michael, thanks for trying to help out but its really an old post (July last year to be precise) . ...

Toyota Highlander 2005

I am leaving town and need to sell my Toyota Highlander 2005 .The vehicle drives perfect, well ma...

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Our private network was created to give expats in Nigeria a place to exchange tips, and find answers to expat questions such as, ʺIs there an international school outside Lagos?ʺ or ʺWhat is the best way of hiring your personal driver?ʺ. Expat life in Nigeria is at the very heart of our community - from jolof rice to the Eyo festivities in the Lagos area - and the InterNations members taking part in the expat forum Nigeria have a place to connect with other expats and international minds to receive dependable and relevant advice. With the InterNations expat forum for Nigeria, you can always find a fellow expat to help simplify your assignment overseas.

The Expat Forum Nigeria helps you find your Answer: From education to cars and driving

When you need further information on expat issues like travel and accommodation in Abuja or housing and household in Lagos, you should take a look at our Nigeria Expat Guide, which is just another helpful resource that we offer in addition to the expat forums. Furthermore, you can discuss international topics in our World Forum, such as tax equalization issues, intercultural and interracial relationships and various areas of interest for an expat. Of course, for help on all issues concerning the local expat life - from education to cars and driving – take advantage of the InterNations Nigeria expat forums.

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