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Juan Garcia

Living in Qatar, from Venezuela

"The Persian Gulf is a long way from home, so I was especially glad to discover this super expat community for Doha. "

Amarilis Castillo

Living in Qatar, from Spain

"I loved the InterNations expat gatherings in Doha, and I hope we'll have another opportunity to meet up at 'La Villa' or the golf range. "

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Welcome to the InterNations Expats Forum for Qatar!

As-salām 'alaykum, and a warm welcome to the InterNations Qatar expats forum! As a current or soon-to-be expat in Doha, or any other of the Qatari expat hotspots like Al-Khor, you will doubtlessly have numerous questions about expat life. Become a member of our InterNations community in Qatar and find reliable tips on the successive stages of the relocation process. No matter if you’re enquiring about visa or immigration documents at the Qatari embassy, looking for expat housing in Rayyan, or would like to see the Qatari attractions, like fruit-flavoured tobacco at countless sheesha cafés – who knows more about such things than other expats? Our expat forums for Qatar can connect you with local expat circles.

Latest Posts in Qatar Expat Forum

 Qatar Expat Q&A

Re: correspondence MBA in doha..

I have a friend in Saudi Arabia taking the London Business School MBA, he is finding it extremely d...

Re: American Television

If you have Dish Network at home in the States, you can use the Dish Anywhere app on your iPad or i...

Re: Premier League Football

well, i love football games and i am very current in the games, well the sherazad bar in radisson b...

 Qatar Town Talk

Blog - A little bit of everything in Doha :)

Hi guys. I'm new in here so please bare with me. If you have any spare time, kindly check out our b...

Re: No shows at events and activities

Thanks Mark for announcing once again regarding " NO SHOW". Hope all members will understand the th...

Re: New In Doha

You welcome abroad .. Hope can see you in our upcoming gatherings. Cheers.

 Qatar Expat Housing


Heya, It all depends on your budget and what type of accommodation you are looking for? I also f...

Re: Shared Accommodation / Studio Accommodation

I am looking for studio or room

Re: Room To Rent in Huge Villa w Privte Pool and Beach

Christine - have passed along your contact dets. They're doing viewings this week. Dean

 Qatar Expat Jobs

Re: Looking for job opportunity in Oil & Gas industry

send your cv to adegun2013@gmail.com

Re: Looking for a career opportunity in Doha

Hi D not yet try this http://www.qp.com.qa/en/Careers/Pages/CurrentVacancies.aspx Maria

PM/Mechanical Engineer

Hello, I got a job offer in Doha and will be moving beginning of November. My hubby is PM/Mechanic...

 Qatar Expat Marketplace

Blog - Doha Days

Hello Everybody, To get every minute details about Doha Life, follow my blog : www.dohablogs.wor...

Selling tickets for Disney On Ice show on discount

Hi, I'm selling 4 tickets for the "Disney On Ice" live show at 7:00 pm, 27th of September, the las...

Re: Looking for a baby (8months) car seat

Hi Brahim, Give me your email to send image, we have one for sale.

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Our trust-based community was developed to help expatriates in Qatar swap suggestions and advice on all expat-relevant enquiries, e.g., ʺCan our children attend a Montessori school in Qatar?ʺ or ʺIs there an Indian business or social network in the capital?ʺ. In a community that’s all about expat living in Qatar, from harees to the Powerboat Race for sailing enthusiasts from all over the globe, the participants of the expat forum Qatar can find fellow expats and internationally minded locals to receive trustworthy and up-to-date responses. On the InterNations Expat Forum for Qatar, there will always be another expat member to make life abroad easier.

From education to local expat circles: The Expat Forum Qatar leaves no Question unanswered

If you require even more information on expat topics like sports and leisure in Doha or education and children in Al-Khor, you could also browse our Qatar Expat Guide, another useful resource in addition to the expat forums. Moreover, in our World Forum you can talk about international politics, impatriation problems, the most common issues faced by expats and other general expat issues. However, for expat assistance on all local matters - from education to local expat circles - just join the InterNations Qatar expat forums.

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