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"Settling as an expat woman in a different culture is always hard. But with InterNations I got to know many other expat spouses that helped me."

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Selamat datang, hello, enna vishayam, ni hao and welcome to the Singapore Expat Forums!

The InterNations Singapore expats forum welcomes you to become a member! In our InterNations community in Singapore you can find all information that you may need when moving and settling abroad. Whether you’re searching for the requirements behind gaining a work permit or the necessary visa documents from the Singaporean consulate, the best way to travel to Riverside or Sentosa or maybe you would like to plan a weekend to go to Jurong Island – who can give you better advice and insider tips than your fellow expatriates? By taking advantage of the expat forums for Singapore, you will find yourself quickly connecting with other internationals.

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Interesting topic, angelo, @ Wherever you go locals prefer expats to their own people. They are ...

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hello guys you guys might need some fun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOkI63LWKrA&feature=youtu....

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Thank you everybody for the useful information.

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No. What for? I dont think you can get goosebumps, just like that. Can you? Next person thinks t...

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Mel, That $900 IS a bereavement rate. They are quite bereaved that they can't charge you more in y...

Re: Keep One. Drop One.

Lily flower

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Hi Jacobus, I'm honestly very disappointed to see your response. You drew conclusions and inferen...

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hello guys you guys might need some fun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOkI63LWKrA&feature=youtu....

Re: In dire need of a job

Dear Jim, I have read your commends to Rowland and they are very useful. Most people now it but ...

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Whether you’re an experienced expat or new to the expat life in Singapore, you’ll certainly come across many questions throughout your life in Singapore, beginning with ʺWhich types of non-Asian food can we easily buy in Singapore?ʺ to concerns with regard to housing and flat rentals.

Our exclusive network is here to give expats in Singapore a place to find answers to any questions that they might have as expats. Our expat forum Singapore welcomes Singapore-based expatriates from all nationalities, whether you are English, Dutch or German.

The Expat Forum Singapore – Reliable Tips from fellow Expats

The expat forum Singapore is an open and welcoming environment where you can connect with other expats as well as internationally-minded Singaporean people to find trustworthy insider tips. In the InterNations expat forum for Singapore there will always be a fellow member to help you solve any questions that you may have living abroad.

Are you looking for more information, e.g. on international attorneys or financial service providers in town? You might also consider our Singapore Expat Guide - just one of the many resources that we provide in addition to the expat forums. However, for advice on all questions facing the regional expat life, like ʺWhat are Singaporean tenancy laws like? Is there a local tenancy tribunal board or association?ʺ, you can easily find the answers on the Singapore expat forums.

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