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Abidjan: Any Volunteer/Internship pos. available?

Dear Internations friends,

I receive de plus en plus messages from undergrads and graduates from my old university who'd be ready and willing to come to Abidjan to engage in some (paid or unpaid) professional activity in humanitarian sector (IIOOs or NGOs).

Abidjan looks like a "hot spot" for its lovely urban life and international "ambiance", so people are getting excited at the idea of merging professional development and urban scouting around the city!

Does anyone know if there's any position/program/opportunity available for young professionals looking for kick a start to their International career? They usually don't expect any kind of remuneration, mostly they look for some support in term of accommodation and help in getting a visa.

Both Internship or Volunteering options would be of some interest.

Thanks for support, let's help those who come after us, and increase local expat community at once! ;)

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