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Abidjan zoo needs your help

I am pleased to let you know that a proposal for funding for the zoo that i put forward sometime ago has been accepted and we have the release of funds now. we also have some sponsor funds available as well. We also are shortly to open the new chimpanzee house that Geosearch sponsored and built for us. But i need more - i need to find an interpreter/translator to work with me for two or three of days week, paid (but this comes out of my own pocket - so volunteer or sponsorship would be great), i need to speak to someone who can put my designs into a cad package or produce good quality maps etc - ideally for free. amnd someone who produces signs, I need 60 blue, brown, or green plain t shirts that i can get a zoo logo put on - the zoo keepers have no uniform and ideally work trousers and boots. I also need plastic garden tables and seats. A lot to request - but the zoo is going to be a great days entertainment for you when its finished. But importantly it is open now
my email is Protected content - get involved and help us build a good zoo

best Richard - the zoo man

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