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Housing in 2 Plateaux/Riviera/., Sharing and Costs (Abidjan)

Hi all,
I'm currently living in an appartment close to 2 Plateaux (parallel to rue des jardins, other side of the valley) , and I really like the area and the apartment but would like to consider finding a house to share, as I already know a small group interested, if we could only find the right place, mainly for the right price.

- If you're interested in sharing a house in 2 Plateaux/Cocody/Riviera, let's meet up and talk about it!

However I'm also interested in getting to know the economics. Is there someone willing to give some estimates?

Is it possible to find, say, a house for Protected content , where each will pay less than 300k/month?
So something like, *maximum* Protected content rent, and then 500k for all other costs? (electr,water,internet,possibly maid?)

If the houses are unfurnished, how much is it normal to spend per person/per house?

I understand another problem is the amount of deposit they ask for, but I'm confident some negotiation can solve that.

Thanks in advance!

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