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Last-minute. Blues theme: Sweet Home Chicago (Abidjan)

Hello Folks,

Sorry for this belated notice, but lotta work.

Two funny specimen of our fantastic human race, Emmanuelle and Josh, are leaving this sad place next week to go back home, and guess what, they’re both from Chicago, how cool is that! Anyways, to be more precise, while Emmanuelle will get back to Chicago right away, Josh’s way back will take slightly longer, as he’s passing through Freetown before getting some more purgatory time in post-industrial Germany, and only then, a couple of years from now maybe, and fate willing, will he be back to the City of Industrial Blues.

Whatever. The point is, CC Rider & the Blues Machine will take advantage one last time of Josh’s lungs and Emmanuelle’s ears to provide its amateurial blues soundtrack to the clients of Jardyland tonight, starting 9pm. So, if you know these fellas, and want to fare them well, just come by. If you don’t know them fellas, but you still want to fare them well, come by anyways, you’ll just come off as being a bit weird. If you know these fellas and don’t want to fare them well, I wish you all the hardship in the world, like doing time in Freetown, or someplace in post-industrial Germany, or both. If you don’t know these fellas and don’t wanna join, at least type Robert Johnson on YouTube and enjoy the sound. Although, Chicago wasn’t really his home…

But it don’t matter… home is where the heart is, ain’t it?


Diego Moroso

Abidjan Forum