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Nanny-Housekeeper available 15 April (Abidjan)


We are leaving Abidjan in mid-April, and I wanted to put a good word in for our nanny, who will be available when we leave.

Simone supervised our baby's transition to toddlerhood, and is a natural. She is also a great cook (Ivoirian and European fare - her pizza is excellent), and housekeeper. She has taken care of all day-to-day cleaning as well. She speaks French only.

Finding a good nanny was a stress for us when we arrived, so I wanted to help out any incoming families with a solid recommendation.

Please message me and I will be happy to put you in touch with Simone.



Nounou / femme de ménage disponible le 15 avril.

Nous quittons Abidjan le 15 avril, et notre nounou Simone sera disponible. Elle est naturelle avec notre bébé, et peut bien cuisinier /ranger. Nous avons la confiance à elle.

Envoyez un message, et je peux vous mettre en contacte avec Simone.


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