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sales opportunities means standing stores (Abidjan)

Sales of medium standing stores: supermarket, bakery, dry cleaner, glacier or other activities of your choice. SICOGI is selling stores on the site called (property program AZITO YOPOUGON NIANGON) .These stores consist of 3 types:
type Protected content type Protected content and finally the type Protected content , these dimensions are the overall characteristic of each store that is store-room. We must rapeller that real estate transaction AZITO yopougon niangon acceuillera nearly Protected content finish and will have the ability to acceillir club house in an area of ​​ Protected content stuck to the lagoon bay with 4 green spaces in cité.Aussi said, we would like to add that the units are duplexes and apartments.
This business opportunity is not only beneficial but advantageous.
If you want a documentation of the commercial study by GROUP INTERNATIONAL TRADING (GNI) in the area and also the fee schedule of the said stores and the terms and parts fornir then please send mail to Protected content / Protected content
or contact the sales department at SICOGI Protected content . Ouattara, responsible for selling SICOGI).


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