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I am selling some stuff as my son lost interest in them & I also need some spare space as well. They are all in good condition and could be a good plan for an end of the year gift if you are on budget.

if you are interested in any item please send me a private message and I will send you pictures. :) :) :)

********************Thank you***************

- LARGE KITCHEN PLAYSET: 25,000 FCFA Pink plastic kitchen set, with sink, 2 worktop, fridge, oven space and two play hot plates (works with batteries). Comes with its own accessories but also many other belonging to other purchases. * the fridge door needs minor fixing.

- MES PREMIERES ECRITURES (EDUCA): 9,500 FCFA I have exactly this one : Protected content
Brand new, my son started writing for I do not need it anymore. (batteries included)

- YELLOW SOCCER BALL: 12,000 FCFA. JUMBO World Cup Brazil Protected content . Never been used and are still deflated. I have two of them.

- ROLL-UP ARM BANDS: 1,000 FCFA, basic ones, green color. I have two sets each set has 2 bands.

- MANUAL RIDE ON CAR: 15,000 FCFA, made of harmless plastic, red color, ideal for a Protected content old. Very similar to this one: Protected content

- ARGAN OIL FOR COSMETIC USE: Brought from Morocco, biologic and certified cold pressing Protected content for 8,000 FCFA
Protected content for 7,000 FCFA
Protected content for 9,500 FCFA
- GHASSOUL POWDER FOR COSMETIC USE: brought from Morocco, 100gr, 100% natural 2,500 FCFA

- SAVON NOIR NATURE: brought from Morocco, 200gr, 100% natural, 3,500 FCFA


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