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White Dinner Event (Abidjan)

Shall we discuss here the current planned one and provide feedback from the previous one?

This is just ridiculous to put a requirement to come in couples in general and moreover to have an opposite sex, where does this come from?

Nothing personal, but I think it was over exaggerated and over estimated last year that did not lead to the success, let be honest and it seems no one learned any lessons on that for this year.

I do appreciate the attempts of people to try to make our lives here more interesting, but let us be honest, why would I spend a fortune to buy the white clothes (as I do not have full costume in white), amenities, table, cutlery, table cloth (all in white), cook food, buy drinks etc. and pay on top 15K to be driven by bus somewhere in Abidjan (next to lagoon) with all those in my hands for Protected content balloons when I can have the same company with the better food (and warmer) without all that fuss?

Just thoughts.

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