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A cry for help! (Abu Dhabi)

It's a matter of great importance!
We have previously collected money for Svetlana’s operation, but unfortunately relapse happened and the malignant tumor appeared again. Let's help the young and beautiful girl to stay alive, and most important do not leave her little daughter without a mother!!!
More details about the history of the disease:
Pavlyuk Svetlana Sergeyevna,was born in Protected content . In October she lived through a complicated surgery on removing a tumor on the right temple area. Diagnosis is the glioblastoma multiforme, grade 4, a malignant tumor which is difficult to treat. In the period from December Protected content January Protected content had her radiation therapy, after which a stroke that paralyzed the left side happend. The arms and legs are start to work partiarly.
Now she is undergoing rehabilitation to restore motor function. The 10th of March a repeated MRT was done that showed the recurrence of the tumor.
Chemotherapy has been currently assigned to her, and in the future an operation will probably be required. The time is limited because the tumor is growing rapidly. Treatment is expensive and complicated, and medicines are hard to find. To overcome this problem an amount of $ Protected content required.
Let's get together! Union makes strength!
The account is Protected content Svetlana Sergeyevna for people who are outside of Ukraine.

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