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Abu Dhabi Job Market

Hi All,

I'm currently in the process of relocating from Toronto, Canada to Abu Dhabi, UAE. My wife has secured employment as a secondary school teacher with GEMS, who will be providing us with a 2 bedroomfully furnished flat in the city centre, along with covering the cost of our flights and benefits.

My concern is that I will be leaving a secure position within Canada, and walking into a market that I do not have first hand experience in (online research can only provide me with so much). I'm not expecting the world, but to have the opportunity to earn a tax free salary while in the UAE, with no living costs, which has really motivated us to relocate.

I would really like to get a better understanding of the current job marketin in Abu Dhabi.. Are the jobs as plentiful as they were in years past? Have you encountered qualified people who have been out of work for numerous months? Any tips you can provide will help me!

To give you guys a bit of a background, I'm a 27 year old marketing grad who currently works as a Marketing & Operations Specialist within one of Canada's largest banks (within the loyalty and travel rewards department, NOT finance lol)

Again, any advice or guidance you guys may have will definitely go a long way!



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