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Abu Dhabi Visa in case of Passport Renewal

Dear Friends,

I am in challenging situation related to my passport and Abu Dhabi visa.

According to my country rules, I must renew my passport to biometric one. It means, my Abu Dhabi Residence Visa stamped on my old passport will go. Definitely my residence visa shall be re-stamped on my new Biometric Passport.

Unfortunately, my country passport rules dont allow me carrying two passports. I am very confused, as our PRO says something different from what I heard from my friends in Dubai.

I myself so far receiving official letter from my employer about my work status in UAE, copy of my old passport and current UAE Abu Dhabi Resident Visa with notary attestation. Thinking to contact UAE Embassy in my country to get more consultations upon arriving to my country.

Please, anyone who is familiar with such situation in Abu Dhabi, kindly advise what measures shall I take to avoid troubles while entering Abu Dhabi.

Thanking you in advance,


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