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Abu Dhabi vs Dubai


I am planning to move with my wife and new born child to Abu Dhabi or Dubai. I am working in IT industry as frontend developer.

I would like to ask you what do you think about Abu Dhabi and Dubai from your perspective as you are there - would you choose Dubai or Abu Dhabi again with the knowledge which you have right now.

We are going to UAE with a plan to save money to build a house in our homeland :)
We prefer more calm life rather than parties and similar activities.
Although I like sport a lot - mostly cycling on racing bicycle, gym.
I like to come to work by bicycle everyday. I was thinking if it is possible to cycle over there and if it is possible to leave a bit outside of a city and come to work by bicycle than?

Some questions which came into my mind:
Are there better perspectives to save money in Abu Dhabi or Dubai?
In terms of sport activities do you prefer Abu Dhabi or Dubai?
Which one is smaller and which one is greener - parks, trees?
Is it possible to live a bit outside of a city and come to work by car or bicycle?

Feel free to answer any of this or bring in some another aspects!

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