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Artists, Designers and Photographers in Abu Dhabi!


Hello everyone!

My name is Kwame, I'm a designer / photographer in Abu Dhabi but at the moment I work as an architect and I just joined Internations a couple of weeks ago. I really really really wanted to come on the trip to Saadiyat Island and Yas Island because I love art and photography but at the last minute (suprise suprise!) has to work overtime and missed it!

Anyway I was wondering if there are any artists, designers or photographers on here on Internations also because I run a meetup group where we all meet up and show our artwork and pictures and discuss ideas and stuff over on -

The web address is here: Protected content

and anyone who is interested can join, and we'll be meeting at Crowne Plaza next Thursday 20th January at 8:00pm so would be great if you would like to RSVP and come along!

Kind regards, and looking forward to all the upcoming Internations events also!

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