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British Embassy Abu Dhabi

What are others folks experience with the UK Embassy in Abu Dhabi, I went there today to simply ask for some form of embassy stamp on my daughters birth certificate and they point blankly refused to let me past the security gate, they did let me talk on the phone to some woman who basically told me that the don't stamp anything and everything has to be sent to UK (what a joke) we happen to be a multi national family and the other embassies I have had to deal with as part of our relocation have been the Soth African one and the Russian one, and on both occasions the folks there could not have been more helpful and I got everything I was asking for (including simple stamps on some documents) They were actually a pleasure to deal with. But my own UK embassy were nothing short of a circus and a joke I was totally embarrassed to even be a UK citizen. I then went online to fill in a complaint on their survey and surprise, surprise that part of their website is not working at the moment, Total joke of an embassy and I for one am ashamed to admit this but I am embarrassed to be associated with that embassy in any way at all....ridiculous
has anyone else had any experience with these idiots, either good or bad, I am interested to hear, just in case it is only me, but I somehow don't think so.

Furious does not even come close to describing how I feel towards them right now

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