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Cat (Abu Dhabi)


Hi all
I have tried everywhere so thought I would post this on here to see if I have any luck. I have recently taken in a gorgeous male cat who was given away by 2 men in khalifa city A stating the owner no longer wanted him. Unfortunately I have 2 cats already a male and female and they get on great. Since introducing the new cat my female cat has turned on her brother and bullying him and the new cat also doesn't like my male cat :-( , I don't want either of my 2 cats to feel pushed out so therefore I am looking for someone to take on this new cat as their own. He is a lovely gentle little boy ( think he is Persian) I would say he is probably not even 1 year old yet, he is so cute and cuddly but just does not like other male cats.

If anyone is interested in taking on this little guy, drop me a message and I can send pictures of him and arrange for you to come and see him.

I feel really bad for him as he lays at my side while I type this but I don't want my cats feeling pushed out.

Thanks in advance


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