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Conflicts within M.E. & threat to KSA and GCC... (Abu Dhabi)


Hello All,

This is a general question to the group (I hope it's okay to engage in this discussion), as my family and I are still in the process of of relocating to A.D. and want to be sure we're making the right choice especially with children in tow.

Anyhow, been hearing about and reading news concerning ISIS and their threats to mobilize in Saudia Arabia (which ISIS says that it has begun already). I can't imagine what the Gulf region would look like if such threats are actualized in KSA and its ramification to other countries in GCC or the region. I would like to know what the feeling is on the ground in GCC about such developments in terms of society, gov't, career, expat life etc.

Once again if this topic or discussion is inappropriate for this forum or for InterNations as a whole, please let me know and I won't continue the discussion. I state this to endear my sensitivity to the region/society.

- Saj.

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