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Culture (Abu Dhabi)


A lot is going on around here but still it seems to me that information and interest is on demand...

So here I start with this short video about أبو ظبي which in my opinion is a masterpiece:

Protected content (HD 720p)

Abu Dhabi New Day TVC: BE STILL

TBWA\\\\RAAD\\\\Abu Dhabi

ECD Martin Lever
Director Hadi (Surname)
Producer Richard Forbes Robertson
Production Company Boomtown

The text of the poem that won third place for copywriting in an advert:

Be still
So you may hear the dreams of the people below
“Pay no attention to the impossible,” they whisper, for it does not belong here
As the road rises, you find the land majestic, calm
The space, the air, the breeze, the buzz, the thrill, and the back of beyond
Engaging. Refuge. Home. Inviting. But never foreboding
The beast’s heart will pound beside ours
As night crackles electric, a million promises are held
Day rewards night with a perfect dawn, and dawn rewards in turn
And nature rewards an inquisitive mind
In a land where the impossible is defined and ignored

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