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Explore The East Coast - A Convoy Tour (Abu Dhabi)

Explore The East Coast - A Convoy Tour

In ONE DAY on the 21st of October, Friday, we shall explore the Eastern part of the UAE relishing the advent of the cooler winds while cruising all the way to Fujairah.

The Route:

Abu Dhabi > Dubai > Fujairah > Abu Dhabi

The Plan:

Protected content from Abu Dhabi
Protected content and Breakfast in Dubai
Protected content to Fujairah
Protected content in Fujairah
Protected content Lunch,Traditional Arabic Restaurant
Protected content Stop
> Enjoy exploring the village against the backdrop of Hajar Mountains rising in places to over 1,800 meters. Get your feet wet in the gravel beaches and take snapshots of the Arabian coastal landscape!
Protected content Market
> Stock up on traditional finds from carpets, local produce, plants and other knick-knacks.
Protected content to Abu Dhabi
Protected content in Abu Dhabi

The Fun:

Cruise all the way from Abu Dhabi to Fujairah on a convoy getting to know more of the Eastern Coast while exchanging stories with fellow members along the way. Bring your cameras to record the experience that may happen only once in your lifetime as a Dhabi expatriate. Savor traditional Arabic food, purchase some interesting finds at the free market and appreciate the unique landscape of the emirates. Importantly, it's your chance to leave all your stress behind and breeze through the desert filled with glee!

This is on a first come first serve basis. Depending on the number of people responding to the invitation the mode of transport will be finalized (by car or bus). Practically, we prefer driving in cars and aiming a number of not more than 32 people.

Those who previously signed up are already accounted for (see below):

1) Shirley
2) Monica
3) Farrah
4) Naveed
5) Jo
6) Loretta
7) Marina
8) Sakthi
9) Nelly
10) Akhter
11) Nouel
12) Nadia
13) Sadia
14) Raheel

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