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Financial Products (Abu Dhabi)

Hi all,

Looking on all the forums recently on Facebook, there is a lot of talk about different long term savings options that are being offered to people here in the UAE, Often these options can have high charges attached to them. There are now different options available to people here. These accounts can move with them wherever they are in the world. The accounts allow more flexibility to the funds with no withdrawal charges. Obviously there are charges but these are very transparent and when you reach a minimum amount of $ Protected content 3 years the monthly service charges are waived. The "Locked in" period is shorter or could even been removed. I can also offer a long term savings plan, which allows for full instant access of all your funds without any surrender charges at all.

If you are interested on a review please message me on Protected content .


1) Due to receiving messages from certain people who have no interest in anything, I would be grateful if only serious and interested people reply please.
2) I hold my CISI level 3 Part 1 certificate and now working towards my CISI Wealth Manager exam.
3) I state that my advice is completely free and only if you decide to take up an option do I get paid.
4) I also state that under no circumstances will you be pressurised to sign anything

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