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Friends Circle (Abu Dhabi)

So South African guy working in Abu Dhabi or lets say the office is only here, I travel to other countries fro work related things, but I like in know only the people in the office and they have their own thing going, so it leaves me to find my own friendship circle.

So I am learning the golf thing currently bound to the driving range, have been playing rugby almost all my life so decided onw something new, my personal life is at a cross road so I am taking a leap of faith.

So anyone interested in having a crazy friend then let me know or let me know then we have a few cold ones.....I do watch football even though I dont get the game.

And maybe someday during this whole friendship road I might meet that one.

So this is like a combination request.......or post of some sort.

Anyhow people send me a message,email, throw a note post card what ever then we have a meet up.

Hell this sounds like a pick up line .......ooops!

Maybe I hear from someone?

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