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Getting into university (Abu Dhabi)

Hello, I have been offered a place to study in the Netherlands and I have been trying to find a way to pay for the tuition for a long time you could kinda get my story from my reddit history as I am not an EU citizen or a North American one it have been very hard to find a solution for this problem.

Every time I ask anybody about it they tell me to give up why should I give up to pursue my dreams just because of the "fate" that started the game for me in hard difficulty I know it looks pitying to say all this because it is.

Details: you might ask what is my budget or do you work and such so here it is, I don't work because it's not permitted for anyone below the age of 21 here to work of course I'm going to work if get into the university to ease financing for me , I don't have a budget because my parents aren't willing to help me in my studies.

if you know any loans that are based on income sharing agreement like this one I could get please do tell. Any other details that you might want to know about comment it and I will give it to you thanks for understanding.

Edit: This is the offer letter [ Protected content ] my problem is that because I got my high school diploma in dubai it means it's not equivalent to the Dutch high school diploma that's why they asked me to take a 1 year foundation course.

The university itself have great financial aid but the organization I was referred to by the university to get my foundation year does not have any financial aid so I'm stuck and can't get to the university because of that, I tried to get a loan but I cant because I'm still not 21 and my parents won't help me with payment as they are opposing the idea.

There is this income sharing agreement that I posted in the text here it's very cool as they pay for your tuition and give you monthly payment for your living costs but after you graduate and start working you will have to pay them back from a pre fixed percentage of your salary.

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