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Hello and help please (Abu Dhabi)

I know another one of those annoying posts from new families asking all the same questions, but could some one please spare half a minute to share insight, answer a few queries,
I'm an Occupational therapist (with job offer) and husband is a high school teacher applying for a January start.
we have our two young boys to look for school placements aged 10 and 12, our 18 year old will remain in here in NZ, and our eldest 24 is in the UK. we are originally from north east of England, emigrated in Protected content , lived in nz for 10 years then went to Adelaide for 7, been back in nz wellington just over a year, and decided we really need to earn some money to put towards a mortgage as property in NZ through the roof, and also we need to be looking at uni fees.
that being said our worry is that what we think is a good offer, just puts us in a worse position with heat turned up.
what's it like for kids /families?
are activities costly?
where is the best place to live for families ? access to beach and city
is everyone living indoors majority of the time
is air con sufficient (in Adelaide there were always power cuts due to the air con being blasting out for days on end)
what is like for travelling around abu dhabi/ trains/ public transport or car a necessity
is 25,000 per month any good (one wage only)
Protected content month accommodation we are hoping it could be paid as a salary with the hope we can access accommodation through a school package

fingers crossed we get a reply

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