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Job Market is good for job seekers? (Abu Dhabi)

Hello Everyone,
Its a pleasure joining this group and hope to join some of your outings soon :) My husband and I (along with two young kids) are going next month from Canada to Abu Dhabi for a long stay, and are very exited. Looking at recruitment websites, i can see that there are good job opportunities that made us very optimistic. but read on other threads that the competition is very high and chances of getting jobs isn't as good as we might think. My husband is a civil engineer who worked as franchise manager in The Little Gym Int'l and business development manager in the construction field. He has 14 yrs experience overall. I worked a few years ago in marketing and events in the pharma industry in Abu Dhabi, and would like to work in marketing with my MBA. Since you guys are in the market, im sure you would provide me with proper answers on the situation over there. What are our chances to find good jobs and packages ? Would we still get expat packages even though we would be in the UAE (on visiting visa?) . Oh , and pleeeasee if you are able to help us get a job, ofcourse we would really appreciate that too. Thank you very much you guys.

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