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Legal Assistance Needed for a Maltreated Maid (Abu Dhabi)

I was working under the sponsorship of a certain embassy as house servant .The madam dont treat me well she dont give salary and she pushed me . then she called the police to arrest me ,she twisted the story she said to police that I slap her she is a diplomat , their embassy threatened me that if I continue my complain at the immgration I would be jailed instead because she is a diplomat and she has the immunity above UAE law? ,they had cancelled my visa without informing me The GRO 's of their embassy had promised to help me go home we discussed and agreed about the ticket also the salary my madam will only give half of the salary because she deducted the holidays off ,but the cancellation date almost expires there was no ticket no salary ....VERY GOOD DIPLOMAT PEOPLE excellent for opressing powerless servants because they are DIPLOMAT working in the embassy

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