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Moving to Abu Dhabi

Hello all

Sorry if these have already been answered but would appreciate the communities' views on the following.

Hopefully moving to Abu Dhabi from the UK to work for Etihad over the next couple of months:

1) Is it advisable to keep money in Abu Dhabi banks?

2) As majority of villas are unfurnished, looking to bring furniture with us - any suggestions of good removal companies in London.

3) I am thinking of bringing my dad as well for a few months in the year, any views on a good health care cover company.

4) Will be working for Etihad and so near the airport. Family of 4 and so looking at villas in MZB as it is close to the school, am i on the right lines or are there some other suggestions.

5) Have noticed a number of properties have electric cookers, are properties available with gas.

6) One of my children wears hearing aids, she is in a normal school but does anyone know which is a good hospital to become affiliated with.

7) If someone has just moved out have some questions on tax and NHS if someone is willing to have an email conversations.

I think I have already asked enough questions - Thank you all and best wishes for Protected content .



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