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Moving to Abu Dhabi


My family and I (my wife and little 6 months daughter) will move to abu dhabi end of february. We are now looking for a house to rent near airport al dhafra. I mean by that around 20 minutes from my work. Do you have any neighborhood to suggest me?

Like I read on the post, I can see there is planty of possibilities for my wife and the baby to meet people and stay involve in a lot of activities. We are very exciting to move in Abu Dhabi and we hope that we can meet people easily.

We are from Canada so we are concerned about the difference of culture and we dont know exactly what to expect because we ear a lot of things concerning the lifestyle in Abu Dhabi. Is there any dress code for my wife? what is acceptable? Like a said, we ear a lot of things and I am not sure everything is true so thats why I would like to ear from you.

Also if we want to find a nanny what is the best way to find one?

Do you have any other important information that I should know about concerning the life in Abu Dhabi?

Thanks a lot and hope to see you in a close future!


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