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My Car was hit while parked (Abu Dhabi)

Y’day when I see my car after work it was hit at parking lot and found a police report on the car door. Though there wouldn’t be any charge on me it will be taken care by insurance but the mess is

I had to see the service center which is in mussfah (central motors ) and I live in city

They say I have to leave my car for a week @ least, I will be without my car for a week they will request for spare car and depends on the insurance company. I will be missing my car for a week 

The car was hit at left back corner, little damage to the tire they say they have requested to replace the tire and the bumper can be repairable but I’m sure it wouldn’t be as it was before.

I have to suffer all this without any mistake from me and this is not the first time before I had even worse situation, the car was hit at parking without any clue, who did the damage. I had to go to police station to report it take the car to the service centre, leave the car for a week and paid additional changes of Protected content .

I ‘m I not liable to be paid for this from the culprit?? what the traffic law says? Any one who involved in such cases can share their experiences. Thanks.

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