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My first event (Abu Dhabi)


For many guests, it’ll be the first InterNations event; quite a few arrive on their own. Please be open to making them feel welcome. If you see someone alone in a corner, it’d be great if you introduced them to your friends. We can thus share the spirit of connecting global minds, and every member will have a lovely time. Thanks!

The above statement reduced my nervousness about attending an event with InterNations, Being a new member and not an outgoing person I figured someone would take the step forward and introduce themselves to make me feel a little more at ease in a place where everybody seemed to know everyone. But I must admit I was disappointed. Not only did no one come up to me and introduce themselves, but I was virtually invisible to the approximately Protected content there. I was frowned at and ignored. Now I understand people have there cliques, little groups, etc., but I was viewed as being some sort of "Elephant Man".

I apologize if I have offended anyone with my statements but as mentioned I was disappointed. As a result I think I will think twice about attending another event.

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