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New to AD - q'tions on serviced apts / car / visa (Abu Dhabi)

Hi all,

I have secured a job in AD and will be coming over soon once visa is ready. Hope someone can answer my questions below:

1. I'm currently waiting on security clearance and work visa. I have just submitted all relevant documents last Wed, does anyone know how long will this process take? I'm an Australian citizen, and will be working as a Project Manager for Etihad Airways.

2. I'm currently doing some research on accommodation. I'm looking for serviced / furnished apartment, either studio or 1 bedroom with modern design furniture. I'm a city girl, thus prefer areas that're close to shops, restaurants, cinemas, and swimming pool, prefer within walking distance since I'm lazy :) Does anyone know which area can satisfy all these? And how much rent will I be looking at per month?

3. I'm interested in the Etihad Towers, however, two towers are still under constructions, is the environment still nice? Is it worth to stay there? If any of you who are currently living there, could you please give me some info?

4. I will be staying in AD for 18 months, should I hire a car or buy a 2nd hand car? How much would it cost to hire a car? E.g. Honda civic. And what if I want to drive a Mini Cooper, is it worth to hire or buy 2nd hand? I'm ok with older model like back in Protected content 2009.

5. My office is near airport, if I don't have own car and just catching taxi to and from work everyday from city, how much would it cost roughly? Is public transport convenient in AD? I'm just thinking if I MUST own a car or can get away with catching cab and public transport.

My email is: Protected content

If you have information about either car or apartment, please email me the info and photos if you have any.

Thankyou for your time reading this!! Hope you guys can give me some advice and tips and this is my first time moving so far away from home and know absolutely no one, it's quite a scary feeling!

Oh lastly, are there any Asian/Chinese expats out there? Hehe...


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