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Protect yourself. Know your rights. (Abu Dhabi)

Hi everyone,

I was recently in a car accident, where unfortunately my car was written off. It was a brand new car and I had used it for two weeks only.

Upon submitting the claim to my motor insurance provider, they notified my that they will deduct 5% of the car value. As per the motor insurance Law here in Abu Dhabi.

That did not sound right to me, so I asked for their policy wording, which confirmed that what I was told was incorrect.

I called Abu Dhabi Insurance Authority and was informed that the payment is to be on pro-rata bases. Meaning they calculate according to the number of days the car was used.

When I went back to the insurance and confronted them, they changed the 5% to Pro-rata. So instead of loosing out on around 5,000AED I lost around 1,300AED.

The point here is, had I not questioned them they would have ripped me off.

If your insurer tells you it's the Law, ask for a copy of that Law, or reach out to the respective Authority.

Know your rights.


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