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Rentals and other questions (Abu Dhabi)

I have currently accepted an offer to move to Abu Dhabi and I'm just waiting on my security check, but I do have some questions.

I've been looking at rental properties and I'm curious as to if there are any areas I should avoid and also what does "Type" mean when looking at properties? Some of the listings will say "Type A or Type 7"?

Vehicles, rent or buy? Is it hard to sell back a car when I decide that it's time to move back to the states?

Banking. Have you had any issues with transferring monies back to your bank accounts in your home country?

Furniture. After you furnish your apartment, villa, etc. What does everyone do with the furniture. Is there a place to sell it?

That's it for now, I'm sure I'll have additional questions later and thank your for the responses in advance. It's greatly appreciated.

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