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Settling down in Abu Dhabi

Hello, friends!

I am 24 years old, female, who is thinking seriously to settle down in Abu Dhabi from South Korea.

A couple of weeks ago, I visited Abu Dhabi for 4 days to have a job interview for Etihad Airways and unfortunately failed it. :(

As touring in the city, I thought Abu Dhabi has lots of job opportunities in service industry and it would be great for me to get some experiences in service field and reapply for the cabin crew position to get that job in the end. Plus, exploring the Abu Dhabi was really fascinating and it would be wonderful for me to experience Arab country as I am young now and I know i am not going to be younger than I am.

Anyone can share the experiences to find a job in Abu dhabi when you first got there? How was it? How is the salary? Are they going to provide me with working visa?

For me, it feels risky to just go there by quitting my job here in Korea and stay for at least 2 months and try to get a job in service industry.

Could you guys give me some thoughts about my plan>???

Bless you,

Nalee Lee

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