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Dear All,

I would like to introduce myself and expand on what I do so that there is a clearer picture out there....

My name is Sibel Divaroren and I am an Australian born Turkish ethnic lady with ancestors that that date back to the Ottoman error and also have Lebanese/Syrian decent......

I have as a chile always been interested in ART especially the kind that revolutionizes and breaks stereotypes in a way that is not so offending.

My Sibelleus Haute Couture line will grasp this concept.....and I invite you all to like my page on facebook in order to help support me lift and launch this:

Protected content

The website that I am working on is Protected content where all m creativity will be available to the public.

What I am doing is through my creativity developing awareness, style and a concept that lasts, educates and enlightens.

I want to build this as much as I can make an iconic label and help the underprivileged to become world class civilians adding value. This is what I want to do. This is where my heart is and I am sending this message out to all the people I can from the bottom of my heart, mind and soul

I hope that you enjoy :)

With love.....


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