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This weeks coffee will be.. (Abu Dhabi) Costello. This Thursday 12 APRIL (thanks Loretta)at Protected content . To find it look at the top of the picture where is say New Iranian market and look for the round building. Go on the Cornish to the East, look for the signs that say "'Port Zayed secondary entrance' and take that road. You will enter the map at the bottom and will be on 20th street. Coming up the main road you will go through a circle and see the Abu Dhabi co-op (Mina Center) on the left, then you will see Toys R us also on the left, keep going towards the water and you will go through a total of 2 circles. Just before you come to the water turn left. It is directly next to the water, parking is no problem. Feel free to call me Protected content .
This will be a very good opportunity to meet knew faces for those of us who like smaller gatherings than the monthly get-togethers. As always all are invited. Bring your friends. we will sit outside while it is still cool.
Hope to see you all there.

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