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Tips and Apps for saving money and time (Abu Dhabi)

Hello all dear friends. I have been in Abu Dhabi since a year now and I would like to share some of my experience with new comers.

I found the following Android apps to be very useful for saving much time with everyday chores:

For Laundry: JustClean
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A very nice app that lists laundry shops covering your area. You choose a laundry shop based on rating and prices, schedule pickup hour, then schedule delivery hour on the next day. Pay by card or cash-on-delivery. It has also the option of "laundry bag" which is very economic.

Grocery : InstaShop
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Very nice app for everyday grocery like water bottles, soap, etc. It lists the nearby groceries that support the app, you browse grocery items and select what you need, then you create the order. delivery is usually in less than one hour, and you can pay by different ways like "bring card reader on delivery" where the delivery man brings a wireless card reader with him and you pay by card when he arrives.

A nice feature is that if you choosed an item and it appeared later to be out of stock, the app notifies you and suggests the available replacements

Meals : Uber Eats - Deliveroo - Talabat - Carriage
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Every app have its pros and cons, for example some popular restaurants may be available only on one app (depending on your area), also delivery fee varies. So you should try all 4 apps to know what is best for your area.
But the most 2 important features that are shared in all 4 apps are:
-Ability to pay by card
-Detecting you location by GPS/Maps and live tracking of delivery man: this is an extremely important feature ! Don't even try to order any delivery of any kind that doesn't support this feature!!. When i first came to AD and at that time tried to order delivery by the conventional ways (phone or app without GPS/Live Tracking) , it was an absolute failure. 99% of delivery men doesn't have a clue about any (areas/streets/famous building/building numbers), and they only speak very bad English, and it was a terrible experience trying to describe my address to them on phone.

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