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Tips for travellers (Abu Dhabi)

Hey, so I have been traveling for almost a year and I just couldn't do that anymore because I didn't have a lot of spare money))). So what I did, I decided to find different ways how can I save some money and make as low-budget travel as possible. After I did my low budget trip, I decided that it might be useful to share my tips with others. Sorry that I don't want to tell all the details about my trip (like the name of countries and etc.)

1. I was flying into the country and then taking a couple of trains there. The thing I've found out before booking flight and train tickets is that if you use a VPN, you can set your computer location as you'd be in a different country. So apparently if you connect to a country's server you're going to and look for tickets as you'd be local you can get different prices. Also, you can feel a pretty big price difference if the country you're going to has a different currency than your home country. F.e. I paid 9 euros for a train instead of paying 30 euros. I personally used nordvpn, but I'm pretty sure that others might work for this too. I can not assure you if it works every single time, but it's still worth trying. You can also try that for Airbnb or, it might work too, though I haven't tried myself.
2. Use Couchsurfing or try to find friends of your friends who live there and could accommodate you for a couple of days. Or if none works for you, then there always are hostels in main cities where you can live like 6 people in one room and you sleep in a bunk bed or smth. I know it's not that comfy but if it's all about the money and you still want to travel it will work well.
3. Prepare food at home or even bring some food from your home country that might be more expensive abroad.
4. Before going make a list of places/museums which are free or even google if there's a certain day of a month or week when all the museums or etc are for free.

I hope it was useful!

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