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To have a spouses visa or not? (Abu Dhabi)


Wondering if I can get some direction and advice on this as ts a little confusing!

My husband works for a school here and I work at the school too in a temporary marketing position to gain UAE experience and to bring a bit of money in whilst I'm still job searching to get back to my usual industry and level (the school are fine with this).

What Im trying to understand is what I should do re. my visa. Some people have told me it's better to stay on a tourist visa until I find another job (the school are happy for me to do this). So that any new employer will see me as an expat and not a local and will therefore give me expat benefits (accommdation allowance is what Im after). Another benefit is that it is safer to be on 2 visas than 1 in case something happens to my husbands job, or vice versa.

The other option I have is for the school to process me on a spouses visa (which is more attractive to prospective employers) - I think becuase the conversion of a spouses visa to an independant working visa is easier and perhaps cheaper to do than from a tourist visa to an independant working visa.

We're happy renting a car at the moment, so I dont need to rush to get a visa to buy one. However, I have notices a sneaky question cropping up on job applications (do you have a UAE driving license) which Im taking to mean as - are you on a residents visa to be able to have a UAE drivers license?

Obviously I want to look like an attractive new hire but to still be seen as an expat who needs an accommodation allowance. I dont even know if whether being on a tourist visa or spouses visa affects it at all!

Anyway, advice would be very much appreciated!

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