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Upcoming events - Open discussion (Abu Dhabi)

I want to open up a discussion for possible ideas for future events:

* Locations, themes, National days?

* Cinco De Mayo was a test to see if cultural events would work,
would you like to see more?

* Would you like to see events with a focus for singles?

* Christmas? Buffet dinner or brunch, 3 courses or just a party?

* Annual Ball? Is InterNations Abu Dhabi ready for it?

* Dubai events?

* Albatross events?

There has been only 2 so far this year, there is suppose to be more. Would you like more? Different settings? wine tasting sessions?

All mentions will be taken into consideration.

*At the next event (coming up very soon, just finalizing details) i will host an open discussion for those who want to be more actively involved.

I look forward to reading all of your responses.

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