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WARNING (Abu Dhabi)

As Received From Phones Alerts - Circular from Abu Dhabi Executive Council- General Secretariat


If you receive a phone call on your mobile phone from anyone claiming to be an engineer from a company who informs you that he wants to check your telephone line then asks you to press (#90) or (#09) or any other number, you must end this call immediately without pressing any number. There is a fraudulent company using a devise that is capable of tapping into your SIM card as soon as you press (#90) or (#09) in order to make calls at your expense.

You are kindly requested to re-direct this warning to as many friends as you can in order to put an end to this fraudulent activity.

We also warn all mobile phone users to be aware of any call whereby the phrase (XALAN) appears on the screen. You must terminate this call immediately otherwise your phone will get a virus.

This virus will delete all (IMEI) and (IMSI) data from your phone and your SIM card. As a result you will be unable to connect to the telephone network and as a result will have to buy a new phone. This information has been confirmed by Motorola and Nokia. Three million mobile phones have been inflicted with this virus all over the world.

You can verify this information yourself by checking the CNN website.

Please re-direct this warning to all your friends with mobile phones.

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