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Where are the "neighborhoods?" (Abu Dhabi)

Hi all,
I need your help. I will be joining Emirates College of Advanced Education (ECAE) in August. We have two weeks to find a place to live when we get there so I'd like to get started early but....I've been frustrated by a few barriers. Here are my questions:

1. The street names changed and the College moved. What streets are the intersection--Al Morror and ??? It's a big yellow and blue building.
2. Does anyone have a map with the "neighborhoods" written on it? I have no idea when I look on DuBizzle if I'm looking at a place miles and miles away.
3. I want a short taxi ride or even a walk in cool weather to the College. Does anyone know of the name of a building or even a realtor who might be willing to help out?
4. There are five of us coming from the U.S. and we've connected. It would be a good gig for her if we all had one and she could help us out. I can't guarantee anyone will become a client but I will as long as the person is recommended by you.
5. I really need a decent map that shows where the College is and building names.

Thanks for your help! I am getting very excited to move there and attending events, etc. Thanks in advance for your help. Please respond! It will be so very welcome!

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