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This accommodations are available:

1. 1 bedroom furnished apartment in maitama extension with full service, swimming pool and tennis court. Rent is $30,000/annum incl service charge

2. 3 bedroom serviced apartment in maitama with swimming pool. Rent is N6mil/annum and service charge is N1.5mil per annum

3. 4 bedroom bungalow in asokoro close to ECOWAS sec. Rent is N8mil/annum. Serviced option available.

4. 4 bedroom detached house with 1 bedroom BQ in an estate in maitama extension. Serviced with swimming pool. Rent is N12 mil/annum, service charge is N1.5mil

5. Both wings of a Well finished 4 bedroom semi-detached duplex with 1 room Bq for each house. Both are serviced with sound proof generator and aircos. Rent is N12mil each. Situated in Maitama. Also ideal for office use.

6. Hill-Top 2 bedroom luxury apartment with 1 room BQ in maitama with full service, swimming pool and gym. Rent is $65,000 per annum. Service Charge is N3.5mil per annum.

7. 4 bedroom detached house in maitama with 3 room boys quarters. Rent is N8mil/annum

8. 4 bedroom detached house in an estate in Jabi. Serviced with swimming pool, tennis court and playground. Rent is N8mil /annum, service charge is N1.1mil

Please anyone interested in any of the listed properties should contact the real estate consultant directly. His name is Johnson on Protected content .

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