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New comer in Abuja

Hello all,
I will be probably relocating to Abuja with my 6 year old son. I have previously lived in Uganda and am currently in the Philippines.
I have some worries. First of all on the health issues. How dangerous is malaria? What are the main health risks? Is there any adequate heath care-mainly for my young son?
The second question comes to schools. My son is already enrolled in a British curriculum. He should continue Year 2. Are there any good accredited schools with a good blend of international students and local that offer British curriculum and not a local version? I read the website of Regent School, which seems the best option but I would like to know more about this school. Is it good? Is it really British international? Any hints?

And last question, what else should I be aware of - coming with a young child in Abuja. My husband will be working, so it will be quite boring for me (am working now but I will not have employment in Abuja) and I worry about how my life is going to be.
I also want to bring my dog in Abuja. Is it going to be a hassle??

Many thanks for your answers, am really stressed about it...

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